The Syria The Media Won't Show You 🇸🇾

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🇸🇾 I always thought the Middle East was just rock and sand and full of fanatical nutters. I mean that’s all the media ever show us isn’t it. And so to cast off my ignorance and prejudice I travelled down to the country with probably the worst reputation of all, Syria. I was joined by Wales’s most famous culinary expert @Simon Wilson ( check out his channel for his videos from the trip ) and our new Syrian mate Rami for a journey that both educated and surprised us. Maybe it will surprise and educate you a little bit too and next time you watch some depressing news report from the country you will be able to better draw your own conclusions. Watch this ( the longest video I have ever made ) and find out for yourselves. Shukran habibis.

🇸🇾 I used an independent tour agency to travel to Syria.
I highly recommend them if you are considering visiting. The manager can be contacted here: [email protected]

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