My COVID-19 Nightmare

Just an update for those that were wondering where I had disappeared to the last month. It’s been a rough one with a few weeks in hospital as you shall see in this video. Please take the disease seriously and don’t make the mistakes I did.

13 thoughts on “My COVID-19 Nightmare”

  1. Good to see you are on the road to recovery dude, I work with covid patients in the uk and its horrendous. You need some of BABUSHKAs good home food and you will be back in no time. Look forward to more of your adventures. Take care…😉😜

  2. Hello Sir, i am so glad you are recovering and have made it through this Dark Chapter. Your video was Powerful and moving, it changed my entire outlook on the virus. I wanted to show it to my friends but i see it has been taken down. That is a shame. Your story and the wAy you told it was very human and moving. I hope you put it back up, you will save lives.

  3. I hope you werent payed to tell a lie. Its not worth it. Especially when you said that you dont want to tell us how to live our life but continued to do so, I suspected that your story could be payed by the government. cov19 is a hoax but could also be real. so please give us some real information.

  4. Dear, Mr. Bold

    Could you please confirm that in order to heal you the doctors gave you the HQC or
    Hydroxychloroquine the antimalarian drug.

    Thank you so very much!
    Get stronger ;D
    I could suggest yoga breathing exercises to get more oxygen to your blood cells and .. Organs ;DD

  5. Hey Buddy.
    Take it easy, Corona has a long recovery process.
    Im still recovering after 6 months. yup. i can walk long distances, which i havent
    been able to do until recently. but before that, slightest over excertion would leave me basically sleepless and very fatigued.
    just giving you a heads up.

  6. My husband, frederic, and I have so enjoyed your travels, commentary and courage to go off the beaten road. We hope you can return to making the videos after covid-19 and you have regained your strength. Stay well and we cheer you on.

  7. Hi mate,

    i just discovered your videos in the last week. love them! then i just saw this today what happened to you. damm! glad you came through the other side of this virus. wishing you a speedy recovery and look forward to your adventures in the near future. take care! david ps! I’m sure your knob will perk up!

  8. Really glad to see you are recovering sir. Take thing gently and follow your instincts, you are a survivor and more importantly you are our eyes to the world. Take care.

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