Bald and Bankrupt book

Have you heard about the Bald and Bankrupt book? Yes, our favorite Youtuber has written a book! It’s currently being sold on Amazon, under his pen name – Arthur Chichester. Mister Bald’s former company was situated in a city named Chichester. It’s very likely, that’s one of the main reasons he had chosen this city name as his surname.

Bald and Bankrupt book was well received by its readers. The Amazon listing currently has 29 votes, the majority of buyers has rated it with 5 stars! GoodReads users have provided 70 ratings, with an average rating of 4.31 stars. Very impressive reviews indeed. The book is 137 pages long and was published in 2018.

If the good reviews are not enough to convince you, the synopsis should do the trick. The readers accompany Mister Bald on his trip over Belarus. Similar to what we’ve already seen in his videos, Bald and Bankrupt book talks about the derelict buildings and their lonely occupants. Majority of people that he meets are still struggling with the consequences of the Chernobyl accident. The fate of people affected by the terrible accident, is largely unknown in the western part of the world. It’s almost impossible to imagine how their lives were changed because of it. With this book, you will be completely immersed in their daily lives thanks to Mister Bald’s detailed writing. The stories outlined are very authentic and contain lots of moving personal details.

People that enjoy his videos will surely love this book. Buy the Bald and Bankrupt book and support our favourite Youtuber!

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