Who is Bald and Bankrupt

And is he really bankrupt?

We all know him under his alias Bald and Bankrupt. His one-on-one video leaves a very personal impression on us. It’s almost like we’re together with Mr. Bald, exploring the abandoned houses of the former Soviet Union. His intriguing trivia keeps us glued to the screen, as he risks his life by taking in radiation and exploring nearly torn down buildings.

Because of these reasons, Mr. Bald is one of the fast-growing Youtubers. Born in the United Kingdom on First of July, 1974 as Benjamin Rich (source for his real name). That makes Bald and bankrupt’s age 46 in 2020. In one of his Bolivian videos, he mentiones that his height is about 190 centimeters (about 6’3). He was once married to a Belarusian woman. She helped him pick up the Russian language and probably helped him lose his hair. The other part of his nickname comes from the fact, that he owned a company in England. It went belly up and he was left with almost no money. His money situation has luckily changed, hopefully for the better.

Mr. Bald is quite a polyglot, even though he does not label himself as one. His ability to converse in Hindi and Russian is incredible. His philanthropic side is also commendable. He has started several fund raising campaigns for people that he had met.

What's so interesting about him

and what is his story?

After Bald and Bankrupt was forced to file bankruptcy, he started travelling. In the beginning he did loads of videos about India. It was not his first time there, he had in fact resided in India for several years. His love for the former Soviet Union has brought him to Eastern Europe. On his travels he met up with Harald Baldr and the rest is history. Because of his fluency in Russian, he has always been well accepted in those parts.

You won’t see Bald and Bankrupt in malls, fashion shows, multinational cafeterias or any kind of western establishments. Instead, he dives deep into places that no regular tourist visits. He’s well known for striking conversations with random people, bringing a smile on their faces and surprising them with their own language.

This site is in no way affiliated with Bald and Bankrupt. Why does it exist then? Because he’s very fun to watch and produces great content. He’s helping in breaking a lot of myths about eastern Europe. As we can see in his videos, it’s nearly not as dangerous as we’re told. Hopefully, this page will help even more people discover his channel – Bald and Bankrupt. Mr. Bald has even written a book under his pen name Arthur Chichester. Apparently his previous company was based in Chichester and that’s the reason why he decided on this pseudonym. The book is dedicated to his travels in eastern Europe and is titled The Burning Edge: travels through irradiated Belarus.
If you want to support Bald and Bankrupt aka Mr. Bald aka Benjamin Rich aka Ben aka Arthur Chichester (can this list be even longer?) check out his Patreon page.

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